We originally recorded this episode in June 2020. Because of various circumstances, many of which are personal and touched on in Episode 129, we could not release until now. I hope you enjoy it. 

Frank and John go over the Tremors franchise, a series of movies that Frank enjoys, and John, well, listen to see Johns's thoughts about it. They discuss the problems with the franchise, issues with the overall treatment of certain stereotypes, and what makes an episode of the podcast a John Hates What You Love episode. 


"He becomes the badass that they all think they are."
"It does not realize that it is satire."
"This is not a John Hates What You Love."

A flashback to the cabin. John arrives after being lost in the swamp to discover Frank obsessed with the Tremors movies to the point that he doesn't care about John's plight. 


Episode 132: The Lost Episode: Tremors
Produced by: Relevant to Our Interests
Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw
Scripting by: Frank Shaw
Edited by: Frank Shaw
Twitter: @r2interests

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