We give your thoughts about the Disney+ Maravel's Wandavision series.   NOTES We originally recorded this episode in July 2021. However, because of va...View Details

NOTES Originally recorded July 11th and July 13th of 2021Making his sixth appearance on the podcast is our friend from down under GOUGH! We catch up f...View Details

133 Godzilla vs Kong

NOTES To start off Frank and John do a little housekeeping and discuss the current release schedule of the podcast. Then we talk about the Monstervers...View Details

NOTES We originally recorded this episode in June 2020. Because of various circumstances, many of which are personal and touched on in Episode 129, we...View Details

131 Sweet Home

Notes John and Frank chat about the Netflix series Sweet Home. They briefly talk about the plot and then go over the characters, the differences betwe...View Details

130 Gyo

  Notes:  Recorded on April 11th 2021 Frank and John dive into Junji Ito's Gyo. Frank talks about the plot. Then he dives into the themes: Discussing ...View Details

Frank and John are back. After ten horrible months, we sit down and chat about life in 2020. Frank opens up a bit about his horrible year. Frank talks...View Details

128 gough dammit!

NOTES Originally recorded May 10thgough it back to chat about his latest film How to Treat Women. We chat about that, how things are down in Australia...View Details

127 Uzumaki

Notes  Originally recorded April 20th 2020 We talk about Junji Ito's masterpiece: Uzumaki. Frank goes over the overall plot. Then they dive into their...View Details

126 WI: We’re Back

Notes Originally Recorded April 14, 2020 Frank talks about this past winter, and the current state of the podcast with his day job, and the corona-vir...View Details

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