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Recorded on April 11th 2021

Frank and John dive into Junji Ito's Gyo. Frank talks about the plot. Then he dives into the themes: Discussing WMDs and the ecological horror they can bring, as well as the constant escalation between powers. Frank discusses scientific hubris and ethics. Then he discusses the carnival that appears later in the story and its relation to the idea of worshiping weapons and violence. 


John discusses the plot structure and the work’s emotional themes and how the overall plot is a corrupted version of the hero’s journey. He then dives into how the immune can pear into the true nature of the myth. Then discusses the emotional weight of the ending. 


"It's one of those things where even toxic relationships can ultimately still be base on some deep love and caring feelings for the other person."-Frank.

"There is so much in life that is playing out games that you didn't make any moves for." -John.


These are the same resources as Uzumaki as they are ones we've gone back to while looking at Gyo. 

A few Youtube videos on Junji Ito and Uzumaki the first two are the ones that initially piqued Frank's interest. 

Ryan Hollinger: The Manga Stories That Terrified Me.

ComicTropes: Junji Ito Master of Horror in Comics

Super EyePatch Wolf: How Media Scares Us: The Work of Junji Ito

Bluelavasix: Here's What Happens To Your Brain on Junji Ito | Darkology #29

RagnoRox: Junji Ito - Spiral Into Horror | Monsters of the Week


As well as a few articles on Uzumaki and Junji Ito’s Horror. 

The Horrific Machinations of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki

The Aesthetic of the Macabre: A Critical Look at Junji Ito’s Horror of the Bizarre

Into the Spiral: Interview with Junji Ito

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