Notes: After an unintended hiatus the we’re back! Frank gives an intro and a shout out to new followers here on PodBean in a short intro. Then he give...View Details

117 The Boys Season One

notes The Boys season one is the topic of this episode. We're joined by Chris Thames of Christopher Case Photography and we go through the plot of the...View Details

116 3Below Season 2

notes 3Below season 2 is tackled on this episode of the podcast. After going through the major plot points Frank and John dive into the themes and dis...View Details

notes John tears into the third season of Stranger Things, we touch on the plot points and the good and bad factors of each. Then we discuss themes, i...View Details

notes Transformers Prime is wrapped up this episode when we discuss Transformers Prime Predacons Rising. We go over the plot. Talk about character arc...View Details

notes Transformers Prime Season 3! We discuss the final episode of this animated series. We talk about the major plot points of the season: The regrou...View Details

notes: Transformers Prime Season Two: We dive right into the second season of Transformers Prime. We start off with the major plot points (as well as ...View Details

notes: Transformers Prime season one is examined. John and Frank go through the major plot points: including what or who the Transformers are and thei...View Details

notes Spider-Man: Far From Home! To start with we discuss "Life to the Fullest: A Benefit Concert for Annie Burdzy" that is taking place on July 20th ...View Details

109 Jessica Jones Final

Notes Jessica Jones Final Season. To start with we give a shout out to the See You Next Tuesday podcast, who are doing a men's health episode soon, Jo...View Details

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