100 Fanx Spring 2019

Episode 100!: FanX Spring 2019
Produced by Relevant to Our Interests
Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw
Scripting by: Frank Shaw
Edited by: Frank Shaw
Graphic Design by: Nathan Newell and Frank Shaw
Intro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw
Outro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw

The guys talk about hitting 100 episodes after 4 years of podcasting and what they've got planned for the near future. Then they dive into FANX: Frank talks about meeting Mike Colter, who plays Luke Cage on the Netflix series of the same name, as well as comic book writer Doug Wagner. They also talk about meeting the authors Byron Kraft and Jaclyn Weist. Then it's John asking stupid questions. Some of which have websites below that you should check out!

Jaclyn Weist http://www.jaclynweist.com/
Monsterhedz http://monsterhedz.com/
Fyrecon https://www.fyrecon.com/
Byron Kraft Books http://www.byroncraftbooks.com/

We asked the following folks questions but didn't actually capture the answers, but you should still absolutely check out their stuff because they are both fantastic for different reasons.
Deeply Dapper https://deeplydappergames.com/
Summer Rayne Cosplay TBT

Frank and John will be appearing on the Mythical podcast on the upcoming episode. You can check it out the twitter for Mythical here: https://twitter.com/MythicalPodcast
The Narrator retells fairy-tales and myths from around the world and this season she's telling Italian fairy-tales. It's pretty fantastic and you should should definitely check it out. All links to where you can find her show are on her twitter.

And of course... we have John's Bad Advice to finish things off. 

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